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It’s that time of year again!  The one when I finally have to decide when I want to run my yearly 20% off all already made/completed/ready to ship Etsy shop items - meaning everything save the Made to Order Shiny section.

So let’s just cut to the chase: the sale will go from midnight to midnight EST, November 7-21.

(This semi-article is in regards to these Lightcycle Pixel Pendants.)

So many people just starting out on selling their wares ask about pricing.  This December I’ll have been selling on Etsy for 7 years and I’m afraid I still don’t have any answers.  But I thought I might try to figure it out (more or less) this time around and report my somewhat random findings in the hope it may help anyone.  Ever.  Someday.

I had a great need to do something Tron-related and relatively simple. So, back to basics I went, taking a look at the original Tron arcade game sprites. Yes, those would do.


Then for some reason I decided that I wanted to actually pay attention to what I was doing. I don’t know why; I don’t usually pay attention to anything other than days spent working. Certainly not hours. This was a simple project, though, and I was curious.

I did a demo first to figure out exactly how I wanted to put everything together.


Treating this as a prototype allowed me to figure out some exact details, like where and how best to start and end, and exactly how to get the best effect while maintaining strength for both the “bail” and the dangly shiny-glowy death trap of a light trail.  This “first go” allowed me to streamline the process for the “second take”; it just so happened that this one turned out perfectly well, so no mistakes to fix.


Then I set up for the second go and started paying attention to what I was doing.  I have to admit, that was really annoying—but informative.  So let’s break this down.

Pattern design time - 5 minutes-ish.  Okay, so I wasn’t paying strict attention at this point because I’m used to just making the pattern, but it went smoothly and relatively quickly after deciding which angle I wanted to approach this from.
Set-up time - 5:39 to decide on the colors/finishes of the beads I wanted to use, actually getting them set up, and getting the thread ready.  3…2…1…
Actual construction time from start to finish (excluding all breaks) - 2:22:18, and that’s subtracting a couple of minutes for all the sips of tea or water plus time taken to pause or start video. Hydration and catching up on shows you never had the opportunity to watch while they were running, very important things.  Though sometimes I do prefer music.
Defects (broken beads, etc.) - 0 (whoo!)
Approximate cost of materials - Technically, the beads used are somewhat “common”, and would cost under a dollar! Under one dollar! But guess what? You don’t buy seed beads individually! You buy them in packs! And in my case, with shipping (which is, depending on the supplier, roughly equivalent to gas to get to a store which actually offers everything)! Not a lot of threads are available by the foot, either; and since there are dangly bits, there are two kinds of thread involved, one much pricier than the other.  But all in all, let’s just say ~$2 for the sake of the maths.
Years spent honing craft - Well over 6, making constant revisions and improvements. I began experimenting with beadwork in 2008, graduating from Shoichi to dragon bracelets and beyond. (“Prosperous first son” indeed.) I’ve developed a number of structures and techniques to make my pieces both extremely flexible and sturdy, and have a long history of satisfied clients.  I’m quite happily still learning and improving, as well, wandering into more complicated and time-consuming projects just for the sake of finding out whether I can accomplish them, and then figuring out exactly how.


And now let’s tackle the “final suggested value” stuff. Minimum wage in the state in which I live (Massachusetts, by the way) is currently $8 per hour. That’s a little over 2 hours and 32 minutes of work, so about $20.27 for the work alone. Add the cost of materials and you get, rounding up for the sake of ease, $22.

But I’m a skilled worker. I’ve been at this job for a while, continually improving and showing evidence of it. There’s also a lot of forced “off time” due to the whole needing my hands to function and not being in pain all the time. Plugging numbers into the Craft Calculator, $22 would only be a touch under 30% profit. Under 30% profit. I’m neglecting to mention a last little step I always take to reinforce threads and make absolutely certain that these will hold up to normal wear. (Though if anyone were to want them as key chain decorations rather than pendants, I would have to do much more extensive reinforcement which would essentially wind up making them each single-sided, but also taking more time and effort to complete, therefore costing more.)


All of these factors make me very confident in $25 per pendant being a decent introductory price, leaving them each double-sided. After all, I’m including the cord. Now that I’ve got the pattern and the method down, I can also offer to make custom colors on commission with $25 being the base price and working from there depending on the relative price of the bead colors desired.  Admittedly it may be a lower price than what I “should” be charging, but this is a “testing the waters” phase.

I hope this has been in any way slightly informative.

Lightcycle Pixel Pendants by wickedorin
Lightcycle Pixel Pendants
A little classic geeky bling, perfect for User and Programs alike. I spent a little time trying to figure out semi-appropriate pricing, the result is lovely geeky classic arcade-inspired Tron lightcycle pixel pendants! Whew. Obviously I needed a little extra dangly flare at the end there.

(These are both also currently available for sale.)
Story of my life: intended simplicity turns into "What would happen if..." turns into Legacy of the Nameless Queens.  Alas.
Legacy of the Nameless Queens by wickedorin
Legacy of the Nameless Queens
Well beyond our cultural memory, there was a long line of queens--warriors and scholars, from "proper" and learned to rough and feral--who abandoned their names to take on their country; and with it, a symbol of their status. The Legacy jewels have been stolen, bartered, hidden and, if the stories are true, were once melted down only to miraculously re-form in the hands of a True Queen. Clearly the legends differ from region to region, becoming more grandiose as time passes. The fact remains, however, the Legacy jewels do remain intact, perhaps waiting for their next queen...

As is usually the case, I didn't mean this project to be quite so... extensive. I'd gotten these gorgeous little "slightly imperfect" seraphinite beads a long while back with the intent to do a necklace of some sort, and it seemed like the right time to finally get around to doing that. And that seemed pretty simple, really... then I decided to add just a little bit of extra dimension by making it "not quite flat", which wasn't really a problem. Of course I followed that up by electing to develop a method with would make relatively thin beaded pieces extremely strong while maintaining flexibility and a bit of "stretch", which was more time-consuming than I wanted it to be... then came the thought, "Hey, you know what this needs? Earrings." And. Um. Well. This.

I learned. I learned a lot. As a result, the necklace is flexible and comfortable worn either as a choker or a double-wrap bracelet, and the ear cuffs are surprisingly comfortable even while I was trying them on with glasses. Weird. I'm also quite fond of using the non-pierced rings as the "actual earring portion", because it gives more flexibility to exactly where on the ear they get worn.

(Perhaps you are one of the True Queens who will claim this as your right..?)

It’s that time of year again!  The one when I finally have to decide when I want to run my yearly 20% off all already made/completed/ready to ship Etsy shop items - meaning everything save the Made to Order Shiny section.

So let’s just cut to the chase: the sale will go from midnight to midnight EST, November 7-21.


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Ah, hello there!  Geez, it has been an awfully long time.  Guess Sheezy never quite made it back online, but then I recall people were leaving long before that.  Ah well, it's nice to meet you 'round these parts again!  And I'm so happy you're still happy.  Heh.

Seriously impressive cross stitch going on there, by the way.  I don't know where that patience comes from... but then maybe that's an ironic statement.
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